Is Print Dead? Answer: No.

People have been predicting the death of the print industry for quite some time. After all, we read all our news online, and consume and share most of our information through email and social media nowadays. So it only seems appropriate that the fine art of the print-job should step aside and let the big digital boys take over.

We think they’re wrong. We don’t think there’s any need to step aside. We think print just needs to evolve. There’s no need for fisticuffs here guys. Print and digital can learn to get along. Even work together to create something even better.

When it comes to advertising, we’re bombarded with digital right now. Banner ads, in-app advertising, email promotions, display marketing…

As humans, we have easily learned to tune out the noise. On a web page, our eyes focus on the content we’re looking for, and intrusive online adverts only serve to turn us off from the brand. Making us feel affronted and uninterested.

High-quality print is beautifully tactile and luxurious isn’t it? A new magazine before it’s even been folded open… an embossed business card…

Where digital content is convenient, print is a treat. Something we snuggle up with on a Sunday morning or a rainy day. We team our books with a cup of hot chocolate and an open fire.

Sorry honey, but nobody takes time out to enjoy the sleek lines of their iPad…

Tactile and inspiring, the options for print are ten times more exciting than choosing an Instagram filter, believe me.

Metallic inks, hot foiling, embossing and drip off… The quality is literally in your customer’s’ hands. They can feel and touch the work.

Rather than replacing print with digital, why don’t you think about how you can innovate your print run? Create some lasting experiences between your client and your brand?

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