This is where we really stand out from the crowd. Unlike practically every other digital agency out there, we also have the years of experience required to manage all of our clients’ print and exhibiting needs. And more importantly, we know how to support our online campaigns and enhance them with an offline strategy.


We have the technical expertise to design and manage the printing of everything from corporate stationery and luxury brochures to vehicle livery and building wraps. We can advise on the best stocks and finishes to support your material and ensure that your brand is presented in a consistently professional manner across all formats, on and offline.


Our Creative director, Damien has worked on brands big and small for over 15 years. He has supported more than one large creative agency, producing game-changing designs for clients including BAE, Harley Davidson, Lanes for Drains, and ASDA. His attention to detail and understanding of touch points regularly enables him to generate unprecedented results from existing platforms and, as a team, we are confident in our ability to grow brands across new platforms and into new markets.




How we work

  1. One or more of our consultants will work closely with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs, market position, etc and agree to a clear set of objectives with you.
  2. Our highly skilled team of marketing professionals will then pull together, pooling decades of collective experience with live data analysis, to create a tailored solution for you.
  3. One we have discussed this solution with you and an outline plan has been agreed upon, we will create a detailed strategy for implementation. This will include a project timeline, costs, services required, expectations and how performance will me monitored.
  4. Once a strategy has been agreed we will deliver it, adding extra value wherever possible. You will receive ongoing support from your dedicated Account Manager and be provided with bespoke monthly performance reports. These reports can be tailored to illustrate the performance of your website and the impact of all marketing activities, even those not performed by 3BM Studio. Thus providing you with one clear picture of the value of your marketing strategy.